Industry Insight Into the Changing State of Advertising Jobs in a Digital Age

Whether you’re looking for your first big break or you’re already an advertising industry heavy weight, this article will help you achieve that objective with the industry insight interviews by the experts. This month we sat down with one of the creative geniuses in the advertising & PR industry for an insightful and entertaining chat that includes some great career advice for grads, a look at the changing state of advertising in a digital age and what makes an ad man tick…

How did you break into the industry?
I started as a studio junior at Capital Radio and worked my way up. I didn’t actually plan to end up a creative director.

What advice would you give to someone trying to break into the industry?
A lot of agencies are looking for all round good thinking. Not just digital, or DM – you’ve got to be thinking about the big idea all the time.

Tell us about a time a candidate impressed you
One time a candidate left on my desk a Lego creative man. And you could take his head off and put different heads on it. It was a really unique idea that grabbed our attention.

What do you look for in a candidate?
Enthusiasm and someone who’s hard working. Someone who can muck in and get their hands dirty. Not pretentious, not arrogant. Our current placement team are willing to everything and anything and that’s a great quality to have.

How do you keep up with industry trends?
My iPhone. I’d be totally lost without that thing. My kids, too. My 15 year old son is like our IT department and that helps.

What are your industry peeves?
Arrogance. And big agencies that think they can just buy the latest talent, but don’t know what they’re buying or what they can do with it.

What’s getting the most play on your iPod?
Two things: The Motors, Airport – I love that record. And Patrick Watson.